Panache Underwire Sports Bra Review


This is one sports bra that gauges up to its name the Panache Wired bra possess some serious panache. It gives a heck of an amount of assistance with knock-out style.

This bra is convenient to wear, didn’t wash away when exercising and was simple to put on. They applauded it for its backing during a high-impact workout, with one tester explaining, she was oftentimes influenced by this bra’s feat and hardly noticed it when running. You can solely hand-wash clean this bra, which wasn’t favourable for some. On the other side, even after numerous washes, we didn’t notice any change to its fit, appearance or structure it felt and appeared as nice as new.

The straps can be worn two paths over the shoulder or racer back style employing a J-hook.  we discovered the bra is rowdy and creates a creaking noise when worn with the hook strapped.  We’re not certain if this would move away over time.

This bra utilizes an encapsulation technique to aid, which implies each breast is held solely.  The end outcome is that this appears as if you’re wearing a sports bra, but it’s still very assisting.  It’s a very distinct shape than most sports bras, more like a regular bra.  The band is also huge and very confirming, with 3 columns of triple hooks to proceed with fastening the band down as the elasticity weakens with use. 

Sweat surveillance executed on par with other sports bras.  The content is just accurate, low sufficiently to breathe, but satisfactorily high to prevent digging into the breast tissue.  The mesh emphasis through the middle is a good touch to improve breathability in a high-sweat area.

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Comfortable with amazing Support

Some testers were doubtful they’d go for a wired sports bra, thinking that an underwire design would chafe or rub. But Panache nails the consent, with none of the distress. Obtaining moulded and seamless cups, the bra is structured to shift with you as you run but still shuts down undesirable bouncing. Besides, the vast clasps outline developed squeezing to enable disperse tension evenly in the shoulder area. That implies limited digging in and soreness and limited hot spots. The left strap possesses a hook that permits switching between an H-back and racer back technique.

Hot Looks

The Panache utilizes a top layer of high-performance poly-elastase blend texture for sharp ventilating and sweat reduction. Also, it seems as nice as it feels. You’ll discover the staple colourways black, latte, white, and grey, but furthermore, obtain your pick of some flamboyant patterns such as like Painterly and the recent abstract Ice. Ignore what you heard about bigger bras needing style because the Panache is vacant in sizes up to a J-cup.

Test Impressions

Technique, fit, and aid were the trio of spotlights that won over our wear-test team. The help was identical to two normal sports bras, one customer explained. However, the bra also deterred buyers from obtaining a ‘uni-boob.’ It appears good sufficiently to wear with non-athletic clothes.


Cross back to H-back modifiable

Cool structures

Confirming underwire.

It has a desirable structure.

Accessible in numerous designs/patterns

Convenient to wear.

A vast range of sizes accessible.

Resisted high-impact action.

No difference after washing.

High-quality moisture reducing substances.

Ultimate support

Comfortable padded belts

Large range of sizes


It is made of thin materials.

Has to be hand-washed a bit problematic.


How’s the Washing and drying?

The Panache sports bra should be washed with hand and hung up to drip-dry, but we have to concede that we’ve also tried washed it in the machine at a cold gentle rotation, neatly draped in a pillowcase. We never spin-dried it though, but there has similarly been no desire as the sports bra dries very quick.

What’s the Material and design like?

The Panache sports bra is gathered of moisture-wicking stretch microfiber and breathable mesh which senses smooth and non-abrasive upon your skin. The slightly padded cups help each breast separately with the aid of silicone wrapped underwire. Furthermore, the 3-column, 3-row hook-and-eye back closure is buffered to stave off any chafing or discomfort. The wide adjustable shoulder straps are filled to decrease the tension and apparent distress while being modifiable in the back. The straps can furthermore effortlessly be altered from moving straight up and down into a type of racerback for adequate freedom of workout by employing the J-hook converter so the back rings are strapped onto each other.

The Panache sports bra is constantly accessible in black, white and grey-tone, but each year also in two fresh more vibrantly coloured exclusive editions. Online you can be fortunate to discover a prior limited edition in your size while real stores will frequently hardly possess the new exclusive editions accessible along with the three elegant versions.


This high-impact sports bra is essential for running and trail running to be specific as the unequal landscape and steep hillsides can augment even more leap to your step. Also, the abrupt disturbance that particularly more well-endowed women will feel, such baseless high-impact workouts can steer to injuries on the breast tissue which can result in drooping and sagging.

The bra is relatively structured, implying that you’re not going to be rolling this bra up and shoving it in your gym bag. This bra implies business and it requires its area.