Rawlings Fastpitch WFP120 12 Inch Glove Review


 Are you or your daughter fresh to softball? Not certain where to begin your inquiry for her new glove? The Rawlings Fast pitch Baseball Mitt WFP120 12” is an elementary youth softball glove catered to starting up players. It is suggested for inexperienced players who are just starting into the sport. This glove is very cheap and will be inclined to go for game time as rapidly as you acquire it. On the other hand, it is one of the economical gloves on the market. This glove will not strike your mind with any kinds of amazing permanent capacity but is adequate for an amateur.

This is another relatively cheap glove that will make the most out of an investment. It has an identical colourway, modifiable strap, and is created with similar substances. These economical gloves are mainly for players younger than 10 or 11 years old but are not restricted to such ages. In brief, the Rawlings Fast pitch Baseball Mitt WFP120 12” is a substantial introductory softball glove for any inexperienced player. This glove will perform what it requires to achieve, but not much else. It is not a high-quality glove, but it is very cheap and can be reinstated quite effortlessly. For the price, this glove will get the job performed.

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The WFP120 is a 12” glove, approved for universal usage in the field, any stance. It has a shut basket web and a buckled front with Velcro for adjustments due to hand size and fit. The basket web permits for support when bringing catches, as does the ZeroShock characteristic. The ZeroShock label can be from inside the glove and refers to the anti-sting squeezing that the glove illustrates. The glove is brown with pink inflexions throughout the lacing and welting, and it furthermore has a pink/white logo on the palm. The WFP120 is eligible of surviving for at least a season or two for the simple youth softball player. Customers can anticipate this glove to support the user in agreeing if softball is favourable for them as they advance through the sport with age. The largest concerns about this glove have to deal with the fabrics employed. Some analyses online reference the glove feeling like a plastic-leather assortment, and refer to the laces as occurring plastic-y. Moreover, there is word of the cavity being thin and not very huge. So the glove is planned for amateur players and is not aimed at an elite softball player.

The largest benefit this glove sends to the table is that it will not halt the bank, and enable your player to recognize if they plan on improving their game. The Rawlings WFP120 will achieve that role; it’s a nice glove for beginners. You only have to restrain your intentions strengthened with a glove that is relatively cheap all over the market. If a glove is fixed at a relatively low price to start with it can’t be prepared with the finest leather. This glove will survive your player adequate time to discover if they plan on playing softball into their future. If this is the situation, lean on capitalizing on a newer, more performance-driven softball glove. This glove possesses a soft inner and holds a smaller hand clearing to suit smaller players’ hands.


Full-grain leather shell, oil regaled

Adaptable buckle on back.

Finger-shift technique.

Eased palm and index finger well.

Little hand opening for female players

Tight, basket web.

Quick break-in period

Pro Micro striping.


Laces could’ve been stronger.


What is the Full-Grain Leather-like?

Rawlings pre-oils the leather in these gloves to give a quick break-in period. The firm asserts players will retain only 20 per cent of break-in time staying at purchase. This implies the gloves can legitimately be put straight into play, though it is best to allow at least a couple of practices before thrusting the Shut Out into actual gameplay.

We heard it requires Excessive Lacing is it true?

The all-leather knits on the Shut-out gloves are a nice touch. Reasonable looking and tough, they will aid these gloves last through numerous seasons of hard play. Nevertheless, like their Worth forebear, these laces possess an inordinate percentage of excess material, leaving leather threads dangling all over the place. Some players love this look, but others will have to begin to work peeling them down to size.

Does it have a Closed Web?

The closed web on the Rawlings Shut Out series helps adequately at any stance on the field. Players who occasionally discover themselves in the circle can shift from any position on the field straight into throwing out without having to move to the dugout and dig for their pitching gloves. Concealing the ball is simple with a basket web, but it functions equally nicely in the infield or outfield.

How to Choose the Right Softball Glove?

When shopping for a glove there are unusual points you should take into deliberation, comprising length, web design, and style. One of the most significant stuff to deem is selecting the right glove for the position you will be playing. Whether you’re an A-level or a rookie, you must select the mitt best fitted for the category of player you are.


The Rawlings Fastpitch Baseball Mitt WFP120 12 matches the standards that it intended to. This glove is carved for players at the youth level, hence clarifying its price and manufacture. It isn’t a great glove, but it’s a glove. It will be only fine for a young softball player who is still attempting to learn the game. This glove possesses several competitors that are quite identical in makeup.