Rawlings Heart of the Hide Review


If you take something seriously, you will go out of your way to get everything needed about it. For instance, if you are an ardent sportsman, you wouldn’t want to miss the latest kicks, shorts, gloves, etc. It is one of the minute-yet-consequential things that makes you a better player than others.

Softball players who are committed to improving their skills and sports progress understand the need to get the latest equipment or accessories. It will always remain an excellent way to stay ahead of the competition because the performance of the right gear is top-notch. See Rawlings Heart of the Hide review below for more info on Softball gloves.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide


Rawlings wouldn’t describe itself as one of the best sports brands if it did not do anything to deserve such a description. It is one of the most respectable manufacturers with thousands of sports accessories and equipment on display. Many softball and Baseball enthusiasts find something incredible for the next game season. If you paid attention to this brand’s collection closely, you would discover almost nothing that won’t be of great quality.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a Softball glove that will overwhelm every player because of its fantastic construction and quality. It is an elite glove primarily designed to transform amateurs into professionals; it is the ideal game step-up. This glove, however, is only suitable for serious fastpitch games – if you aren’t ready for that, it would be best to consider other available options.

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Construction: Rawlings Heart of the Hide is made of a Composite all-leather material crafted with original Rawlings pro patterns for excellence and lifelong performance. This black/gray trim glove is integrated with a hide dual-core technology to enable great position-specific defense by utilizing the breakpoints in the inner palm lining. Indeed, this catcher’s mitt is a product of intensive research and advanced technology.

Pocket: Apart from the soft leather shell, this glove has a great, secured pocket that offers players the ease of catching flyballs. It is aided by the glove’s dual-core breakpoints so that there is more control and comfort throughout the entire game experience. Overall, it has a short break-in period.

Opening: Furthermore, Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a custom fit but with a standard wide opening at the back. The essence of this opening is to ensure proper ventilation. There is also an adjustable strap with this opening to make sure it is the proper fit for whoever wears the glove.

Webbing: Additionally, the glove features a Trap-Eze web known for being the ideal choice for pitchers, basemen, or shortstops.

Size: 11 ½ inch


Short break-in period

Great airflow

Secures ball nicely

Guarantees a game-ready experience

The ideal choice for infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and shortstops

Made of soft, genuine leather

Durable and Comfortable

Offers good control and feel




Do You Use Rawlings Heart of the Hide In Slowpitch Games?

In the construction or making of a Softball glove, there is an important consideration to what game it would be good for. It is consequential to know the features to add, such as pocket, web, lacing, etc., that will determine whether it’s for fastpitch or slowpitch games. However, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide was specifically made for fastpitch, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy in slowpitch scenarios.

How Comfortable is the Rawlings Glove?

With a composite and genuine leather material, the level of comfort you will get from the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is unimaginable. This glove has patented dual-core breakpoints with inner palm lining for comfort, defense, and protection. Its shell is also modified to be a perfect fit for 2nd and 3rd basemen, pitchers, and shortstops.

What Makes this Glove Different From Other Rawlings Options?

If you have a list of Rawlings gloves, you may be confused about what to pick. However, the description of each determines what is good for you or not. Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a transitioning glove which means only serious players are advised to use it. Other gloves from the brand may only ensure you don’t miss out on flyballs or any sort.


If you are one of the serious Softball players interested in personal sports progress, this Rawlings Heart of the Hide review is for you. As you find out interesting things about this glove, you shouldn’t waste so much time going for it if it’s precisely what you’ve been looking for.