Rawlings Shutout Series Review


If you can get certain things you need, you shouldn’t hesitate to cease it. Sometimes, what you’ve found may not be available another day, and that could mean waiting extra days or weeks or months. This logic applies to almost everything that concerns our daily lives – even in sports.

As a sportsperson, your top priority is getting equipment or accessories beneficial to you in several unimaginable ways. Depending on the sport, you should patronize trustworthy brands and guarantee excellence in quality and performance. For a sport like Softball, buying a glove could be quite difficult; however, you should allow this Rawlings Shutout Series review to point you in the right direction.

Rawlings Shutout Series


Many players aren’t aware of the places to visit when it comes to sporting equipment; some just go for cheap brands and regret ever making that decision. The truth is: buying sports accessories takes more than outward appearance. If you are serious about buying anything, you should first consult reliable guides to show you the brands to check out and consider things in the process.

Luckily, Rawlings stands to gain for being part of the best sports brands in the industry. This manufacturer has been known to deliver thousands of incredible bats, gloves, etc., on the market for amateur and avid Softball players. It isn’t any surprise that the Rawlings Shutout Series makes it one of their best-seller gloves. With consideration to its construction, feel, and comfort, you should be able to tell if it’s a good choice or not.


Construction: Rawlings Shutout Series is a tough choice of glove made of full-grain leather material for soft feel, comfort, and excellent durability. The brand pre-oils most of their leather gloves, including this here, to ensure that it goes through an easy and fast break-in period. From the company’s manual, the glove is 80% pre-broken, leaving players with the remaining 20%. Overall, it should get through most practices and all game seasons.

Design: This fastpitch glove comes with a patented design, almost looking like the Worth Liberty Advanced Series. However, the re-designing makes it even better so that it is stable and easy to use. More importantly, every player should know that this glove does not have discernible tipping points so that it can be flipped in a fingers-up position with ease.

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Webbing: Rawlings Shutout Series has a closed web making it easy to catch flyballs. This web also makes it possible to hide the ball in the basket, either infield or outfield. Indeed, it is one of the ideal fastpitch gloves.

Padding: Furthermore, the glove features a cushioned palm and index finger for comfort. This feature works in conjunction with a Pro Micro lining for a breathable, soft feel.


Durable and Reliable

Short break-in period

Comfortable and Soft

Easy to hide balls

The ideal fastpitch glove

It works perfectly in any position


The lacing is ridiculous

The opening feels small

It comes with a sometimes-annoying finger shift design


What Do You Choose – Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove Vs. Shutout Series Glove?

Rawlings has a large collection of Softball accessories and equipment; sometimes, it’s difficult to know what to choose. For instance, the Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove and Shutout Series Glove are quite similar yet different in a few ways. While one is designed for serious, transitioning players, the other is perfect for getting through practice and minor gameplays. Ultimately, your choice depends on what you intend to do.

What is the Problem with the Glove’s Finger Shift Design?

Most people are indifferent about Rawlings Shutout Series Glove; others are either in or against it. This feature makes it easy to reduce ball sting and impact; however, some players find it uncomfortable because it doesn’t give a tight feel. If you are one to dislike this feature, this Shutout Series Glove isn’t for you.


Rawlings Shutout Series review has only provided you with enough details to discern whether this glove is a good choice for you or not. Against your next game practice or play, you should consider getting a Rawlings glove for a fantastic experience.