Softball Gloves by Position – What’s the Difference?


All team sports require players who can play and perform excellently in different positions. In soccer, for example, the goalie’s objective on the field is entirely different from a striker’s own. Although both are working to secure victory for their teams, they don’t play the same roles and are not dressed in the same outfit. Strikers don’t wear gloves, but goalies do. In softball, every player can wear a glove, but these gloves are not the same. The variations are necessary because they perform different roles even though they belong in the same team. If you wear a glove that is not meant for your position in a competitive softball game, the umpire can send you out for breaking the rules, and you would put your team at a disadvantage. This is why you must take the time to study what softball gloves are allowed for your position on the field. If you are looking for information on specific gloves unique to player positions in softball, then this article has been specially compiled for you. Enjoy!

Softball positions and their required gloves

If you enjoy playing softball, then learning about softball gloves unique to a player’s position is a way to boost your knowledge about the game. We have explained the concept and the various field positions involved below.

Slowpitch softball gloves

We are starting with the slowpitch softball gloves because slowpitch is generally more relaxed and less competitive than fastpitch softball. If you are a slowpitch softballer, chances are you would be a utility player, and you would be required to play various positions on the field at multiple intervals. This means you cannot use only one glove, and you would be better off with a multi-purpose glove designed to fit all positions on the field. This glove will generally be sized at 13 inches, and you can use it to play any position comfortably.

Infield position gloves

If you are an infielder playing in a fastpitch softball competition, you should know there are special gloves uniquely designed to fit that position. The gloves you wear should allow you to easily and quickly transfer the softball from the glove to your hand. The glove should also allow enough space for you to field the ground ball without it rolling out. If you play an infield position as a first baseman, you should be wearing a first-base mitt. These gloves usually come in 12-13 inches size, and you can decide to opt for any one depending on your hand size. If you play as a second baseman, you should use smaller softball gloves sized between 11.5 and 11.75 inches. If you play as a third baseman, the perfect gloves should be sized between 11.75-12.5 inches. Ideally, your infield gloves should be designed for maximum flexibility, and they should come in an H, or I web such that it has an open back.

Outfield position gloves

If you play an outfield position as a softballer, then you would generally need more oversized gloves to allow you to perform effectively on the field. This applies to both fastpitch and slowpitch softball. The large gloves are designed with more oversized pockets, and you can easily catch incoming shots even when you are not well-positioned. Your glove should have a closed web that would give you extra support when making those catches. The perfect sized gloves for an outfielder should lie between 12-14 inches. Essentially, the bigger the gloves, the easier your catches.

Catcher position gloves

If you are a catcher, then you have to use catcher’s mitts. These gloves are compulsory because catchers trap high-speed balls that can otherwise injure them. These catcher’s mitts are padded with weight distribution materials that allow you to catch balls coming in at high velocity. This catcher’s mitts are much larger than standard gloves, and they are sized between 33 and 35 inches.

Pitcher position gloves

Pitchers make the throws, and their gloves don’t have a direct influence on their game performance. However, your glove should be designed with a closed web so that the batter does not see your grip and anticipate your shot. You can use any size of glove that feels most comfortable for you. However, the standard size for pitcher gloves is 11.5-12.5 inches.


If you want to play any game and perform excellently, you should make sure you are wearing the right outfit and using the proper playing equipment. Softball gloves are part of your outfit and playing equipment because they directly affect your game performance. If you wear the wrong gloves for the wrong position, you will not likely deliver good results regardless of your skill level. This article has shown you the specification of gloves unique to each position in the field. We advise that you purchase your new pair of gloves with this information. Cheers!