Worth EST ASA Review


As a batter, there are only a few things you will consider important to you; first, your bat must be in great form, followed by your cleats. Later, you can view other accessories like sportswear, glove, etc. If you don’t take all these things seriously, you may never enjoy your game experience, and that could limit your progress as a softball player.

If you are an amateur or a professional hitter, having the best softball or baseball bat requires extra effort because cheap ones are easy to find. However, with your dedication to finding a bat worth it, you could come across those from the top-rated brands in the industry. Read this Worth EST ASA review, and discover what it means to have a worthy softball bat.



Worth will always be one of the highly recommended brands for bats with exceptional qualities and performance. Their softball bats are improved with good technology and excellent material constructions to enhance durability and strength. You may start to become better over time as you find what you’ve been looking for from their long list of bat collections.

Worth EST Comp ASA is a softball bat designed for slowpitch games; however, it is an excellent choice for power hitters as it helps improve speed control while gaining more distance. If you don’t have anywhere to turn to regard softball bats, you should check this bat out. Below is a description of its features, pro, and cons.

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Construction: Worth EST ASA is a balanced slowpitch bat made of Quad Comp composite fibers for great performance and utmost durability. It is packed with Flex 100 Technology that ensures the hitting potential is maximized in the best possible way. Furthermore, it is integrated with a 13.5-inch 100% Carbon fiber barrel for easy control and a robust, extended, sweet spot.

Design: This bat features a two-piece composite design for a more comfortable experience. This design is also responsible for the anti-vibration effect so that the connection point can guarantee hand safety and protection. In turn, players won’t have to deal with hand sting at all times.

Swing Speed: With this composite bat, players can achieve between 150 to 200 swings effortlessly while rotating the barrel. Worth EST ASA bat also has a 0.5 oz. endload weight for improved performance during gameplay or practice.

Warranty: 1-Year

Approved: ASA


A good choice for power hitters who want improved exit speed and more distance coverage

Durable and Easy to use

Consistent with a massive sweet spot

Ideal for gameplay and practice

Improved performance and revolutionary design

Competitive and end-loaded with power




If you need answers to the Worth EST ASA bat, see below.

Why Go for the Worth EST ASA Bat?

Sometimes, people get a little confused about their choice of accessories – especially sports. It doesn’t get any easier when you have more than one option; you may have to use a guide to narrow down your choice. As a hitter, Worth EST ASA is a good choice for you, as it helps to improve performance. It further helps to ensure distance coverage and gaining exit speed.

Who Needs the Worth EST ASA?

If you are a hitter, you should know where you belong – a slowpitch or fastpitch hitter. Depending on what you are, you can easily choose the sports accessories designed for your skills. The Worth EST ASA is a slowpitch bat, making it suitable for only that category of players of this game. However, if you are a power hitter, it is an ideal choice.

Is Worth Really a Good Brand?

Out of a list of brands that take players’ interest to heart, Worth is one of them. It is one of the sports brands committed to ensuring improved performance and gaining new skills, particularly in a sport like Softball.


If you like the bat according to what has been said in this Worth EST ASA review, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for it. You should count yourself lucky to come across this piece of information, as many other players are still confused on what to pick for guaranteed game performance.