8 Best Fastpitch Softball Catchers Mitt in 2021

Rawlings Liberty Advanced

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

The softball game is kicked off by the pitcher, pitching the ball towards the batter. The softball game is exciting and popular. Playing softball will require some kits and gear that help protect you during the game and make the game more fun and easier to play. Like all other sport, softball players practice to improve their skills and performance on the pitch in other to help their team win matches. Winning a game will be almost impossible without using the appropriate kits.

Essential equipment in softball includes the bat, gloves, helmet, body protector. All these equipment have specific functions they perform; for example, you cannot hit the ball pitched towards you without a softball bat. The gloves, on the other hand, helps in protecting the palm of the players from the impact of softball and keep the catcher’s palm dry and comfortable throughout a game. The helmet helps in protecting the head from missed ball impact. So you see, everything has its function in the world of softball.

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During the genesis of the softball game, when it was still regarded as mushball, players play the game with different sizes of bat. Also, there were no gloves present in those days; the absence of gloves led to series of injuries on the palm of players. Imagine catching a ball at top speed with your bare hands over and over again; As time goes on, you will find it very hard to makes use of your hands because of the sore it would have sustained. When the injuries suffered by players became too much, the softball glove was introduced; although it is not like what we have today, however it could do the job. The first softball gloves were long and flat; catching and holding the ball with these gloves were almost impossible, so instead of trying to hold the ball, softball players swat the ball to the ground before picking it. Over the years, the softball glove evolved due to the quest for efficiency and comfortability for players; the softball glove has evolved to what we have today; also, there are different types of softball gloves used in softball today. These gloves include the catcher’s mitt, infield glove, first baseman mitt, and outfield glove. All these gloves are used in different positions in softball, making each one unique in its way. The catcher’s mitt is an important glove in softball as well as the catcher’s position; the catcher crouches behind the home plate and receives all the balls pitched by the pitcher. This position is an essential position on the team’s defense, making both the position and the glove used very popular amongst softball fans. Another thing that makes the catcher’s mitt different that it is the largest glove in the game.

Getting the best softball catcher’s mitt is essential to you as a catcher or aspiring for the position. Getting the best glove will help improve your efficiency in the game. So you should look out for these things if you want to get a catcher’s mitt that will serve you well; Materials used in construction, size, brand name, and past customers review will give you more knowledge about the product you have chosen to get. Once you know these things, getting a mitt won’t be very difficult for you. However, there are varieties of good products in the market, choosing one might prove difficult, but if you know what you want, you won’t have any problem.

The Best fastpitch softball catchers mitt Are Reviewed Below

There are various types of fastpitch catchers mitt in the market; getting the best one will require you to be knowledgeable on mitts for you not to fall into the bad ones. Getting a glove can be a bit stressful, which is why some of the best fastpitch catchers mitts in the market has been compiled for you, as well as their specification and what they have to offer.


Rawlings Liberty Advanced

The Rawlings liberty is a great fastpitch softball catcher’s glove; this is a catcher’s mitt made out of top quality, full-grained leather materials, and it is also well built. This mitt boasts sound construction, unlike any other catcher’s mitt in the market. It also possesses some features that make it easier for this catcher’s mitt to stand out among others; some of these features include; non-slip pull strap closures. This feature enables anybody to use this catcher’s mitt as you can easily adjust it to the desired size. Another good thing about this glove is that it only requires a short time to break in. Once a glove is properly broken in, it serves the user at the best of its capacity. However, some gloves take much time before you can break them; however, in the case of the Rawlings liberty, it does not require long time break-in, as it is already 70% broken from the manufacturer, which means you will enjoy the full efficiency of the mitt in no time at all. The Rawlings Liberty also boasts of excellent durability and efficiency; this mitt will last you for many seasons without disappointing you. It is an excellent mitt made from top quality materials and also from a legendary brand. All this coupled together makes the Rawlings liberty one of the best catchers’ mitts you will ever find in the market. If you are the type that is interested in high-quality and durable gloves, you should go for the Rawlings liberty. For a catcher’s mitt of this quality, the Rawlings is relatively affordable; it is equipped with a Poron XRD palm and index finger pad which helps in reducing the impact of the ball and increases the protection of players.

Key Features:

  • Poron XRD palm and index finger pad
  • Custom-fit, adjustable non-slip pull strap
  • Top-quality materials


  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Model: Rawlings liberty advanced
  • Dimension: 12 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Strategically placed padding that helps in improving players protections
  • The catcher’s mitt is durable and efficient
  • This catchers mitt boast of quick break-in time
  • It is made out of quality and durable materials
  • It is affordable for a mitt of its quality
  • Not many variation in terms of size; however, it is adjustable


Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove

The Wilson A2000 fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt is one of the best catcher’s mitts in softball today. The manufacturer updates this glove consistently every year, so you know this product is well updated and up to the required standard. Although this mitt is a bit expensive compared to other mitts in the market, however with this Wilson product, you are bound to get your money worth. With the backing of a well-known manufacturer, one will know the a2000 has a lot to offer, from efficiency to durability and other juicy features that make playing softball more fun for a catcher in the game.

Some juicy features possessed by this mitt include; a modified wed system that makes it ideal for any catcher in the game. It also boasts of the Velcro wrist closure; the Velcro closure helps improve the player’s comfortability as it gives you the option of adjusting the a2000 to a desirable size, making it fit securely over your palm throughout a game. Another notable feature is the honeycomb-style cell padding that allows the player to feel no sting when the ball comes in contact with their palm. The A2000 is a durable and efficient glove that makes use of the grey super skin. This super skin material is used in constructing the a2000, and it has its benefits to the glove. The super skin is more potent than regular leather, and it weighs lesser than regular leather, which means it is stronger and at the same time lighter than regular leather. This feature contribute to the durability and efficiency of the catcher’s mitt when in use. The Wilson a2000 is a great catcher’s mitt that will serve you for many seasons due to the construction materials used in its making; this durable glove also boasts of an easy break-in. Enjoying this mitt at its full capacity takes no time at all. The Wilson a2000 also features a dual welting for a comfy pocket. With this mitt, nothing can go wrong in a game as your comfortability and protections have been greatly considered by the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • Dual welting for a comfortable glove
  • Grey super skin
  • Easy break-in
  • Velcro wrist closure
  • Modified honeycomb-style web


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: Wilson A2000 fastpitch softball glove
  • Dimension: 12 x 8 x 6 inches 5 pounds
  • It features well-placed padding, which helps improve players protection
  • This mitt features a fast break-in time
  • It features the Grey super skin technology, which helps in boosting the durability and efficiency of this piece.
  • It is equipped with the Velcro wrist closure making it easier to adjust the mitt to desired sizes.
  • It is expensive compared to other catchers’ mitts in the market.


Mizuno GXS90F1 Franchise Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

The Mizuno fastpitch catcher’s mitt is another great mitt that players and aspiring catchers should consider. Apart from the fact that Mizuno is a great brand, the GXS90F1 itself is a beauty to behold when it is in use. This piece is made out of high-quality pre-oiled java leather, and it is one of a kind in the industry. This is a great catcher’s mitt that leaves the industry ready for use. The sweet thing about this piece is the fact that it can be used for a long time without you having to get a new mitt. This mitt possesses features that makes using it easy and comfortable. It boast para shock palm padding that helps in reducing the impact felt by the player once the palm comes in contact with the ball; with this piece, you will feel no sting on contact with the ball. The glove’s design enables it to perform its functions well, which is to protect the player’s palm; it also features a flexible design. The Mizuno franchise comes in 34 inches size; the good thing about this mitt is that almost anyone can use it. The mitt can be used by both males and females, although it was specially designed to fit the female hands. This mitt is advisable for youngsters in the game as it will help them grow in the game, and also, it can be used for an extended period. The glove is affordable, and you can be well assured that it will serve you for many seasons.

Key Features:

  • Para shock palm padding
  • Java leather; pre-oiled and ready for use.


  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Model: Mizuno GXS90F1 franchise fastpitch catchers mitt
  • Dimension: 34 inches
  • The mitt is flexible and easy to use
  • It is durable and efficient
  • It boasts of the para shock palm padding that protects players’ palms from the ball’s impact.
  • It is game ready upon delivery
  • Fits best on only smaller female hands


Easton Core Series ECGFP 2000 Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

The ECGFP 2000 fastpitch catcher mitt is a durable and efficient softball catcher mitt. This mitt comes Pre-oiled and ready for use from the manufacturer. The mitt features heavy palm protection that makes sure your palm is heavily protected, and you will not be left with a sting once the ball comes in contact with your palm. The Easton core is a great catcher’s mitt that offers all you can ever wish for in a catcher’s mitt without breaking the bank. This piece is affordable for a mitt of this quality; you should definitely give it a trial today. Players of all caliber will find this piece to be helpful. As an amateur enthusiast or professional, this piece will serve you well. It also boasts multiple layers of leather in its construction for the mitt to give maximum durability and efficiency. This piece also boasts of the split solid web. Suppose you are the type that loves fashionable things; you can give a thought to the Easton 2000 as it boasts of a 33 inches catcher pattern. This piece comes in brown color, and it is efficient and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Layered design
  • Strong palm protection
  • Pre-oiled from the manufacturer and ready for use


  • Brand: Easton sport, inc
  • Model: Easton core series ECGFP 2000 fastpitch catchers mitt
  • Dimension: 10 x 6.5 x 5.4 inches 1.7 pounds
  • It is easy to use
  • Due to its layered design, this piece boasts durability unlike any other.
  • The product is highly efficient.
  • This product comes game ready and pre-oiled from the manufacturer
  • It boasts strong palm protection, helping to keep the player’s palm well protected.
  • It might be bigger for youth players


Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Catchers Mitt

The Easton synergy is a unique glove; this catcher’s mitt boast of the VRS shock absorbing palm pad, which helps protect players palm and prevent players from getting stung by the ball. The sweet thing about this piece is that it is ready for use straight from the box as it features a pre-oiled hog hide. This piece is an exceptional piece made for the female palm hence the 33 inches size it features; The Easton synergy comes in different colors, making it easy for you to pick the colors of your choice. These gloves are lightweight and flexible, making them easier to use for softball players. It also features the lock-down wrist strap that gives players room for adjusting the mitt to the desired size they want. It also allows the glove to clamp over the player’s palm without the fear of it falling off during a game. Players’ comfort was well considered in the construction of this piece as it boasts super-soft sponge-tricot finger lining. The sponge-tricot finger lining is a form of padding that helps relieve stress on your finger during a game that has gone on for too long. This means you can use this mitt for long in a game without the fear of discomfort or sweaty palm. Anybody can use the Easton synergy; however, it is optimized for the smaller female hand. The Easton synergy is a great glove that is affordable for almost everyone and boasts excellent durability.

Key Features:

  • VRS Shock absorbing palm padding
  • Super soft sponge-tricot finger lining
  • Lock-down wrist strap
  • Pre-oiled hog hide


  • Brand: Easton Sport, inc
  • Model: Easton synergy elite fastpitch series catchers mitt
  • Dimension: 12.6 x 8.07 x 7.08 inches, 0.35 ounces
  • This catchers mitt is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to use
  • It boasts of high efficiency and durability
  • It boasts of the VRS shock absorbing palm padding that helps protect players and cancels out the sting players feel once the palm comes in contact with the ball.
  • This piece is designed for long-lasting games as it features the super soft sponge-tricot finger lining that gives the palm extra protection and comfort and helps cancel out a sweaty palm.
  • It boasts of the lock-down wrist strap that provides extra security during a game.
  • This piece is ready for use on delivery.
  • It provides players with varieties of colors to pick from.
  • Best only for female hand or youth.


Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series 34.5 inches GXS 33 fastpitch softball catchers mitt

The Mizuno classic pro is a glove that is a bit expensive compared to other gloves; however, you will get your money worth from the features that are packed in this catcher’s mitt. This catcher’s mitt features a para shock palm pad that helps in protecting players’ palms from the sting on impact with the ball. It also features a power lock closure that helps in providing extra security. The power lock enables the mitt to stay firm on your palm during play. The mitt also boasts of a larger size than most catchers’ mitt. The leather used in the production of this piece is rugged leather built to withstand the test of time. This leather is rich and naturally pre-oiled. It boasts of a fast break-in time, making it game-ready almost immediately. This glove retains its shape over time. With this mitt, you are guaranteed protection and stability on your fingers. The Mizuno classic pro also boasts ultra-soft palm liner that helps keep the fingers and palm comfy while eliminating any form of sweat from your palm. This mitt is excellent all-round. For players that love their equipment to be fashionable, you should consider this piece as it comes in varieties of colors for you to pick from.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-soft palm liner
  • Para shock palm pad
  • Fast break-in time
  • Rugged and naturally oiled leather


  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Model: Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series 34.5 inches GXS 33 fastpitch softball catchers mitt
  • Dimension: 34.5 inches
  • It boasts of para shock palm padding that protects players’ palms from stings that come from impact.
  • Fast break-in time allows you access to the full potential of the mitt
  • It also boasts of a naturally oiled leather
  • It is a full-sized glove
  • The glove is durable and efficient
  • It is expensive compared to other catchers mitt


Louisville Slugger Xeno Softball Glove

The Louisville slugger is a well-known brand for sporting equipment; this brand is well known for its significant bats. However, they also produce great gloves. The slugger lxt fastpitch softball glove is proof of their excellent product. This catcher’s gloves are a great glove that is made out of premium leather. This catcher’s mitt is a durable one, and it does not take much time to break in this piece of equipment. The sweet thing about this glove is that it is affordable for almost everyone, and it boasts excellent construction and quality. It is a good mitt, especially for starters in the game. The design of this mitt is impressive; it also boasts excellent build quality. It is an excellent mitt that every player must consider.

Key Features:

  • Premium leather
  • High build quality
  • Fine design


  • Brand: Louisville
  • Model: Louisville’s slugger Xeno softball glove
  • Dimension: 12 x 7 x 4.5 inches, 1.14 pounds
  • The glove is durable and efficient
  • It is made out of high-quality materials
  • It is affordable and easy to use
  • It boasts of great looking design
  • Not many variations in terms of size


Wilson Aura 33 inches Fastpitch Softball Catchers Mitt

The Wilson aura is a fine glove for any softball player; this beautiful glove is regarded as the best glove for a player on a budget. This term is popular because the Wilson aura is a great catcher’s mitt that performs well and is quite affordable. Imagining getting a great mitt that will serve you for a very long time at an affordable price, that exactly is what Wilson aura gives to you as a player. The glove features a fast break-in time; a glove is known to perform at its best once it is broken in. Gloves with fast break-in time achieve this height quickly than others. Which means you get to enjoy the mitt at its peak for a long time. The leather used in the construction of this glove is of excellent quality, which further increases the durability and efficiency of the glove. This piece also boasts of dual welting in its design that gives it an efficient and durable pocket. Another exciting thing about this glove is that it is lightweight and helps protect the palm of the players. In all, the Wilson aura fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt is an excellent piece of equipment.

Key Features:

  • Fast break-in
  • Dual welting
  • Lightweight


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: Wilson Aura 33 inches fastpitch softball catchers mitt
  • Dimension: 28.2 x 22.4 x 18 inches
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It boasts of dual welting, which makes the pocket durable
  • It has a fast break-in time
  • It is made out of premium leather.
  • It is heavy

Buying Guide Questions

Getting a catcher’s mitt is an essential task for a softball player, as you wouldn’t want to get a catcher’s mitt that will not serve you for long. You should be familiar with what you want and need in a catcher’s glove before going for one. It is also essential that you know things like materials, brand, and sizes before going for any catcher’s mitt. There are varieties of the mitt in the market, and most of them boast of excellent quality, however for you to know what to go for, you should ask questions or look through other customers review to enlighten yourself more on which catchers mitt to get.

What is the best fastpitch softball catchers mitt?

Picking the best fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt is difficult; it is impossible to pick a single product as the best over others. There are varieties of excellent catcher mitt in the market, and most of them boast quality materials in their production; some include great features that one cannot look over. Instead of picking a single product as the overall best, a list of great products has been compiled for your benefits. Choosing one product is impossible, however as a player, if you know what you want, you can easily get a catcher’s mitt that will serve you well and for a long time. To get the best mitt, you should know what you are going for and have a broad knowledge of catcher mitt.

What size softball catcher’s mitt do I need?

There are different sizes of softball gloves out there; you should know your size before going off to get a catcher’s mitt. Catchers mitt are the largest mitt in the game. However, there are still various sizes of mitts out there. In most cases, the size of the mitt is imprinted on the thumb of the glove or the pinky. Once you know your size, all you need to do is check for the size on the thumb or the pinky once you’ve found the glove you want.

Another way you can get to know your size is by wrapping a tape around your palm, a little below your knuckles, not including your thumb. Glove sizes are measured in inches, round up your reading to the nearest inches; this will give you an idea of the range of your glove size.l

What size of catcher’s mitt should a 12-year-old use?

A twelve-year-old mitt size should be within the range of 32 to 32.5 inches in circumference. A 12-year-old will require a mitt of 32 inches or less in some cases. While a 13-year-old player will require a mitt with a range of 32.5 inches upward.

Can you use a softball catcher’s mitt for baseball?

Using a softball catcher mitt for baseball is possible. However, it is not advisable because a softball glove broken in for softball should be used for softball alone. When you use a softball catcher’s mitt for baseball, the ball will bounce around a lot in the mitt’s pocket, which will be uncomfortable for the player. Also, the ball used in playing softball is slightly larger than that of baseball, which means the ball will have too much room and will move around a lot in the pocket. So it is not advisable to try it out.

What size catchers mitt do pros use?

Catchers’ mitts are measured by their circumference. For players above the age of 12, they should use 32.5 inches size mitt, and the adults or professionals in the game are advised to use a 33 or 33.5 inches size mitt.

How do you break in a softball catcher’s mitt?

There are different ways of breaking in your catcher’s mitt. Some of the popular ways of breaking in your catcher’s mitt are by playing catch with it; you can also rub oil or shaving cream over the mitt; however, this is dangerous as too much oil can permanently damage your catcher’s mitt. Another way you can break in your glove is by leaving a ball in its pocket when the mitt is not in use.


One should have enough knowledge of the catcher’s mitt, as this mitt is one of the essential pieces of equipment in the game. Getting the best mitt will help boost your efficiency in the game; before getting a glove, you should research the glove you want. Once you get the right glove, be rest assured that the glove will be your companion for a long time.