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Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Crew Neck Jersey

Mizuno Belted Stretched Fastpitch Softball Pant

CHAMPRO Surge traditional low-rise fastpitch softball pant

Softball is an interesting game played by thousands around the world. The history of the game dates back to 1887, when a reporter for the Chicago board of trade by Goerge Hancock invented what was at that time called indoor baseball. The game, however, spread outdoors by late 1888. At those times, it is called kitten ball, indoor baseball, or mushball until the 1920’s when it gains the name Softball.

In 1933, the United States wholly accepted the game and organized it with the formation of the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA). Until the formation of the Amateur Softball Association of America, the game was mainly played by males.

One amazing thing about Softball is that the game has combined many elements from different sports, such as the boxing glove, a bloating glove, and some baseball features. As time moves on, the game became more popular in the United States, and as a result of its reputation, it becomes a globally accepted sport. History had it that the American servicemen helped a lot in spreading the game as they use to play and teach the game in the war flung fields during the second world war.

In 1965, the International Softball Federation (ISF) was formed; the movie “A touch of class” was filmed in London and featured softball results to England start playing the game.

Like many other games, Softball features different disciplines viz, The slow pitch, the Fastpitch, and the modified Fastpitch.

The Slowpitch requires a player to lob a ball underhand with an arc that reaches a minimum height of 1.9 meters and a maximum of 3.7 meters. On the other hand, Fastpitch allows two underhand deliveries; one involves an entire revolution. The other involves the pitcher’s arm coming forward and then backward, while modified fast pitching allows underarm deliveries provided the hand will not make a complete revolution.

Fastpitch is typically the dominant game; however slow pitch is also played by many people in the United States. Let’s take a deep look a the difference between soft pitch and Fastpitch.

Difference Between Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball

It is well known that Softball is divided into two distinct forms, the Fastpitch, and the slow pitch. The two have many similarities as well as differences; below we shall discuss the main differences between the Fastpitch and slow pitch.

The manner and speed of putting the ball: The major difference between slowpitch Softball and fastpitch softball is the manner and speed with which the ball is thrown. Just as the name implies, Slowpitch involves throwing the ball with an average speed in an arch of about 6 to 12 feet. As the ball is thrown, it goes high and falls on a plate making the hitting easier. In Fastpitch, however, the ball is delivered powerfully and fast. The fast and straight delivery manner of delivering across the plate enabling the ball to hit harder.

In Fastpitch, the game depends on the ball throw and the pitcher. Therefore, a powerful pitcher that can throw with great energy and velocity is needed to stop the batter from hitting the ball. While in slowpitch hitting of the banter is encouraged as such the defence team experience more pressure than the offensive team

Another main difference between slow pitch and Fastpitch is the number of players. Slowpitch is played by ten players and has 7 innings while Fastpitch has nine players and nine innings. The extra player in Slowpitch serves as a countermeasure and a player in the outfield.

While Slowpitch doesn’t allow base stealing, Fastpitch allows it. Also, strikeouts and double plays are more common in fastpitch games.

Slowpitch doesn’t allow substitution of batting, meaning a player must hit a ball if he or she is on the plate. Fastpitch, on the other hand, allows substitution of batting, whereby, a powerful hitter will make hits in place of others that can’t make powerful hits.

Importance of Uniform in Softball

Like other games, Softball has its uniform, in softball Fastpitch uniform differs from the slowpitch uniform. However, these uniforms have the same significance. Let’s take a look at the significance of uniform in Softball


The most important and fundamental feature of uniform in any organisation or sport is to differentiate between competing teams and the players.

For example, during a game, a ball might be moving, if you’re one of the players, you need to know who to throw a ball to and who mot to throw it to. Without a uniform, it won’t be easy for you to recognize your teammates and the opposing team.


Every member of the baseball team plays an important role. However, if there’s no sign to make everyone feel equal, others might feel superior to others. However, wearing identical attire creates a sense of equality which is one of the important things we need to win as a team.

Wearing the same uniform also promotes dedication among players, and also enhance the loyalty and support of fans.


Apart from the sense of equality and easy identification, another crucial significance of uniforms in Softball is uniting the players. When everyone is wearing the same shirt, same shorts and same caps or headbands, there’s this feeling of belonging truly to a group. Wearing the same uniform fosters team unity, which makes the team members feel motivated and feel the thirst to succeed. It also enhances solidarity between fans and players. Having great support from your fan base in turn help boost the player’s confidence which in turn help them succeed.

You can now imagine how Softball will be without uniform, we will not be able to easily identify our players and the opposing team., the players will lack a sense of equality and above all, there won’t be unity and solidarity between players and their fan which will, in turn, affects the success of the team.

How to Choose a fastpitch Softball Uniform

Softball uniforms are very essential in the success of a team, wearing the same uniform promotes equality, unity and solidarity among the players and help them build a strong and supportive fanbase. However, choosing a fastpitch softball uniform isn’t an easy task as there are many types available in the online market and you might be too overwhelmed to choose the right one for your team. While some softball uniforms come individually, some come as team packages, some even with a bat bag. To save your stress and make things easy for you, we’ve decided to take a look at the factors to look at when choosing a fastpitch softball uniform.

Check the price of the Uniform

Many people love fastpitch softball as such many uniforms have to be produced for the game. The prices of these uniforms range from brand to brand. One of the best places to buy a fastpitch softball uniform is online, though many claims that online markets sell their uniforms at a competitive price, this doesn’t matter; what you’re after is getting a nice, durable, and high-quality uniform for your team.

The price doesn’t only depend on the brand, it also depends on the number of uniforms you want to buy and at the time the sizes. Whatever, make sure you have budgeted well before making a purchase, also go for quality, not fashion.

Select Fastpitch Softball Uniform Made From High-Quality Fabrics

There are many kinds of fabrics nowadays ranging from natural to synthetic ones. Choosing a high-quality fabric is a must for you when buying a softball uniform, this is because these uniforms will be used frequently and they’ll be washed and ironed regularly as such the fabric has to be a durable one that will withstand such pressure and also an easily washable one.

Also, make sure the logo print doesn’t fade away easily due to washings. If the Fabric and the logo print are durable, the uniform will last longer and will not be required to be replaced in a short time. While fastpitch softball uniforms made from high-quality fabric might be more expensive, they’ll in turn save you the stress of repeatedly changing uniforms and enable you to save some cash. So choose quality over everything.

Ensure the Uniform are Comfortable to Wear

A comfortable softball uniform has a great role to play in the success of a team. Therefore, when choosing a uniform, think about the players that will wear it; whether they will feel comfortable in it or not. A comfortable fastpitch softball uniform will be lightweight, and able to generate sweat. Also, it will withstand the rigours of playing fastpitch softball. However, if a player isn’t comfortable in his or her uniform, hitting balls and bat movements will be a great deal for him or her. These we know can alter the success of a team, which is why you need to purchase comfortable sportswear for your team.

Think About the Size

When buying a fastpitch softball uniform, an important factor to look at is the size of the uniform. For a player to feel comfortable, they need to wear something that isn’t too loose nor too tight for them. Wearing a tight softball uniform will make the player feel uncomfortable, while an oversized uniform can tip over. To avoid this, you can speak to all your players to know their exact type to avoid buying a too tight or too big uniform for them.

The above-mentioned factors should be looked at by every team willing to buy a fastpitch softball uniform. After buying the perfect sized uniform, made from good fabric that you feel comfortable wearing, what next should you do? Take proper care of the softball uniform right? Below is how you are supposed to take good care of your fastpitch softball uniform.

How to Take Good Care of Your Fastpitch Softball Uniform

Taking care of a softball uniform can be seen by many as a hard task. Because there’s always dirt, grass crumbs, mud and sweat that usually stick to the uniform as well as stains. Every good player will love to keep his or her uniform as pristine as possible, but that ain’t easy as many doesn’t know the tips used in cleaning and maintaining a softball uniform. Below we shall take a look at how to take care of a white fastpitch softball uniform as well as a coloured fastpitch softball uniform.

How to take care of White Fastpitch Softball Uniform

Taking care of a white fastpitch softball uniform isn’t an easy task as the stains and mud will tend to stick more to a white cloth than to a coloured cloth. But then, there comes special confidence and pride in wearing a white softball uniform. The colour rise your morale, gives you confidence and leaves you feeling comfortable as white reflects heat. To go the field with full confidence and morale, your uniform has to shine as bright as your skills. Though most modern-day white fastpitch softball uniforms are resilient, colourfast and easily washable, they become more vulnerable to stains and yellowing as time goes on.

When washing your white softball uniform, we recommend you washing them alone to prevent fading and colour bleeding. It is also advisable you soak them in a warm solution of soap and water. Avoid using fabric softeners as it will reduce the quality of your uniform.

In case of naughty stains, soak the uniform overnight in a solution of water and stain remover, in the morning, start by cleaning the stains thoroughly, then wash the remaining cloth. After washing, rinse it twice or thrice before drying in a clean place.

How to Take Care of Colored Fastpitch Softball Uniform

Removing stains and dirt off a coloured softball uniform is daunting, though not as hard as removing it from a white uniform.

We all know coloured clothes are more susceptible to fading than white clothes, which is why you have to avoid washing them with hot water and drying them under the scorching sun as that will lead it fading issues. When it comes to combatting softball stains on the coloured uniform, we can easily use an enzyme-based stain treatment as most of the stains accumulated from Softball are protein stains.

Mostly, you don’t have to soak your coloured uniform with additional stain removal additives as most detergents come with a baked enzyme which helps keep your uniform looking pristine.

After washing, rinse the uniform thoroughly in warm water and dry in a cool place away from scorching sunlight.

The 7 Best Fastpitch Softball Uniforms Are Reviewed Below

As we have earlier said, choosing a good fastpitch softball uniform can’t be an easy task, as there are many brands enough to make someone overwhelmed to make the right choice. To save you from the stress of looking for the best, we have decided to take a look at the 7 best fastpitch softball uniforms you can ever find on Amazon. Please grab a hot cup of tea as you go through the list.


Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Crew Neck Jersey

Looking for the perfect jersey for your fastpitch softball team? The Mizuno fastpitch softball crew neck jersey might be the right option. Made from high-quality polyester, the jersey comes in 13 different colours and multiple sizes, giving you the chance to make your choice. The highly durable and easily washable jersey is accented with white stripes along the sides and shoulders. It also comes with crew neck and is very lightweight. If you have been looking for a jersey ready for play then the Mizuno Fastpitch Softball crew neck jersey is the perfect option for you

Key Features:

  • It is made from lightweight polyester
  • It comes with the Raglan sleeve
  • It has a crew neck design
  • It comes in 13 different colours and different sizes
  • The shoulder and sides of the jersey are accented with white stripes


  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Manufacturer: Mizuno
  • Colour: It comes in 13 different colours
  • Sizes: 16 different sizes ranging from X-small to XX-large
  • Suggested users: Males
  • Package weight 0.11kg
  • Dimension of the package (L × W × H): 13.94 × 12.13 × 1.61 inches
  • It comes in different sizes and colours
  • It comes with the crew neck and raglan sleeve
  • It is made from lightweight polyester
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty


Mizuno Belted Stretched Fastpitch Softball Pant

The Mizuno Belted Stretched Fastpitch Softball pant is a highly flexible, durable and comfortable uniform. It comes with a tunnel belt loop and also has the Mizuno DRY LITE technology which helps in managing moisture thereby adding comfort.

The pants are made from a 4-way premium stretched fabric to provide added flexibility and comfort. It also comes with a set-in back pocket and low rise fit exclusively for females. The pants are also capable of withstanding tough play due to the presence of reinforced dual-layer knee build.

Key Features:

  • It is highly flexible, durable, and comfortable.
  • It has the Mizuno DRY LITE technology which helps in reducing moisture and add comfort
  • The pant is made from a 4-way premium stretched fabric
  • It is stretch fitted
  • It has a set-in back pocket
  • It has a low rise fit for women and tunnel belt loop waist


  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Manufacturer: Mizuno
  • Colour: Black, White, Grey and Charcoal
  • Size: There are six different sizes available
  • Model name: Mizuno women belted stretch softball pants
  • Material: Polyester
  • Suggested users: Women
  • Weight of package: 0.28kg
  • Dimension of the item (L × W × H): 1 × 1 × 1 inches
  • Dimension of item package (L × W × H): 13.05 × 10.2 × 1.95 inches
  • It is stretch fitted
  • It has a set back pocket
  • It has a low rise fit loop
  • It is to be used mainly by female


CHAMPRO Surge traditional low-rise fastpitch softball pant

The CHAMPRO surge traditional low-rise fastpitch softball pant is made from a 100% high abrasion-resistant polyester. The highly durable pants are easily washable and offer a long lasting firm but comfortable grip. The pants come with a sliding seat and knees reinforced with double-ply fabric giving it the ability to withstand sliding actions and lasts longer.

The CHAMPRO surge pant comes in boys sizes and men sizes in 7 different colours with a geometric colour contrast side design and two inset back pockets. This fastpitch softball pant is the eye-catching, comfortable and durable pant you need to enjoy this season’s games.

Key Features:

  • It is made from 100% abrasive resistant stretched TEK-KNIT polyester
  • It has a tapered leg cut that ends at the shin-length making it easy and comfortable to wear
  • The Pants is capable is standing sliding actions making them durable and lasts longer
  • It comes with a super grip waistband that keeps jerseys tucked in
  • It has a contrast colour design that makes it look more beautiful and eye-catching


  • Brand: CHAMPRO
  • Colour: Scarlet and Black
  • Size: 5 different Sizes
  • Model name: BP28WBSCS
  • Material: 100% abrasive resistant polyester
  • Suggested Users: Males
  • Weight of package: 0.38kg
  • Dimension of the package (L × W × H): 11.1 × 8.15 × 1.89 inches
  • Weight of item: 0.84 pounds
  • Dimension of the item (L × W × H): 21.9 × 13.7 × 7.9 inches
  • It is made from an abrasive resistant polyester
  • It comes with a super grip waistband that keeps jerseys tucked in
  • It is capable of withstanding sliding actions
  • It comes in different sizes and colours
  • It is to be used mainly by men


NIKE Men's Core Softball and baseball pants

If you are a lover of Nike’s brand, then look at choosing this pant as a uniform for your team. The Nike Men’s core softball pants can be used to play both fastpitch softball, slowpitch softball and even baseball. The pants feature seams below and above the knee, giving the chance to move freely and comfortably. It also comes with the Nike Dri-Fit technology that helps keeps you dry and enhance comfort during extreme competitions. Made from 100% polyester, the men’s pant comes with an elastic waistband with belt loops to provide a snug fit. It also has two back pockets that can be used to store small items

Key Features:

  • It has Nike’s Dri-Fit technology that keeps you dry and comfortable thereby enhancing your performance during intense competitions
  • It has a snapped closure and a zippered fly that provides a tight and secure fit.
  • It comes with an elastic waistband with belt loops that keeps the jersey perfectly tucked in
  • The articulated knee style and open hems give you a natural feel
  • Two back pockets for storing items


  • Brand: Nike
  • Colour: Wolf grey and black
  • Size: 6 different sizes are available
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • It uses the Dri-Fit technology which keeps you dry and comfortable
  • It has an elastic waistband with belt loops
  • It has two mesh-lined pockets
  • It can be used to play both baseball and Softball
  • Price varies with size


Alleson Athletic Women's Dura-light fastpitch softball jersey

The Allison women’s fastpitch softball jersey is made from 100% polyester, and it has the cool Tec technology. It comes with two-button Henley and Raglan shoulders making it look more fashionable and trendy. Jersey comes in different colour and sizes and front and sleeves are made abrasive resistant by moisture-wicking and plaiting. It has contrasting colours side insert shoulders, sleeves and back collars. The Alleson Athletic women’s Dura light fastpitch softball jersey includes abrasive resistant backside inserts and shoulders. It is very strong, durable and withstands the rigours of fastpitch softball without tearing off easily.

Key Features:

  • It is made from 100% dura light polyester
  • It has reversed plackets for women and Raglan shoulders
  • It comes with Hemmed sleeves ends and a set-in collar
  • It comes in different sizes and colours
  • It can be washed using a machine


  • Brand: Allison
  • Colour: 9 different colours available
  • Sizes: Three different sizes
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Care instructions: Can be washed with either hand or machine
  • Type of closure: Buttons
  • It is made from 100% dura light polyester
  • It can be washed with a machine
  • It uses the Col tec technology
  • The front and sleeves are abrasive resistant
  • It comes with the Reglan shoulder
  • There aren’t many sizes available

Buying Guide Questions

Now, Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about fastpitch softball and the uniform.

What is the best softball uniform to wear?

The best softball uniform will be determined by certain factors; these factors include; the price, the type of fabric used to make the uniform, and how comfortable the player feels when wearing the uniform. The above-reviewed softball uniforms are among the best you can find on Amazon today as they are made from a highly durable fabric, they come in different sizes giving different members of a team the chance to choose the size that will fit them, and they come at an affordable price. So if you want to buy a good fastpitch soft uniform, think about choosing the above-reviewed ones.

Is there a difference between Fastpitch and soft pitch Softball?

Yes, there is a difference between fastpitch and soft pitch softball as discussed earlier in this article.

The main difference between the two is the manner of throwing the ball, while Fastpitch is thrown with full energy and high speed while slow pitch softball is thrown with an average speed.

In Fastpitch there’s a need for getting a powerful pitcher who will be able to stop the batter from hitting the ball, as the game depends on the ball and the pitcher, slowpitch Softball however depends on the defence team as hitting of the batter is allowed.

Another difference between the two is the number of players and the innings. Fastpitch softball has 9 players and 9 innings while slow pitch softball has 10 players and 7 innings. Strikeouts, breakouts are common features of fastpitch softball, while base stealing is a feature of slowpitch baseball. Also, the uniforms used in playing the two games have slight differences.

What is the hottest softball uniform today ?

Just as finding the best isn’t an easy task, selecting the hottest softball uniform is not easy too. As there are many kinds in the market and each seems to be hotter than the other. However, the above-reviewed fastpitch softball uniforms are among the best and hottest you will ever find on Amazon. A combination of the Mizuno Fastpitch softball crew neck jersey and the CHAMPRO low rise traditional surge fastpitch softball pant will leave the male team members looking hot. As for the females, a combination of the Alleson Athletic Women’s Dura-light fastpitch softball jersey together with the Mizuno Belted Stretched Fastpitch Softball Pant will leave female players looking hot on the field.


Choosing a softball fastpitch uniform for your team is an easy thing if you follow the above guide, not only that you will choose the best uniform, you will also be able to take proper care of the uniform so that it will last longer than a season.

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