DeMarini Prism Review


If you are an athlete and you already have vast experience in the sport, then you should use playing equipment uniquely designed to bring out the best of your game. As a fastpitch softballer playing in a hitter position, your bat should have a balanced feel that allows for easy control and a barrel that allows you to make monster hits. This particular DeMarini Prism Bat is one of such products, and it comes with unique features that will help you perform excellently on the pitch. Check out the product!

DeMarini Prism Review

Key Features

High-performance fastpitch softball bat

If you want to get a fast pitch softball bat uniquely designed to help you get better, then you should check out this product. This bat has a lightweight structure, and a balanced feel allows you to hit monster hits.

Doublewall Gapped Barrel Technology

This bat is designed with a double-wall gapped barrel technology. The two walls combined give you a large sweet spot that will forgive most of your mishits and a balanced feel. When you impact the ball, the excellent sound that comes from the bat will help you know if you struck well or not.

Continuous fiber composite barrel

If you want a bat designed for strength and fusion, then you should check out this product. This bat is designed with a continuous fiber composite barrel that allows for a lightweight structure. The barrel is made from a single sheet of super-strong composite, and this material is rolled into itself. This means you have a more potent, more durable bat.

Refract End Cap

If you are an experienced player looking for a bat that will provide a faster swing speed, you should consider buying this bat. This bat comes with a Refract Endcap that generates extreme bat speed, and you can enjoy your prism bat to the maximum.

3Fusion Connection handle

One of the disadvantages of playing in a hitter position is the uncomfortable vibrations when you impact the ball. However, you don’t have to worry about that with this bat. This product is designed with a 3fusion connection handle that allows for a vibration reduction. The energy is redirected to the barrel, which allows you to control the barrel better.

Made in the USA

If you doubt the quality of this product, you don’t have to. This bat is made from premium materials, and it was built in the United States. You can trust the quality of the Prism bat.


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It comes in different lengths


Designed for performance

If you want a bat uniquely designed to help you perform better on the pitch, then you should buy this product. This bat helps experienced players to showcase the best of their talents.

Lightweight bat; easy to swing and control

This bat is made with a lightweight structure, and it is pretty easy to control. You can achieve a faster swing speed and hit monster shots with this bat.

Built to eliminate vibrational feedbacks

If you hate vibrational feedback that occurs when you contact the ball, you should check out this product. This bat is built with unique properties that reducing the vibration effect on the bat.

Built for durability

This bat is built for durability, and it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, it will last much longer after that period.

Approved by significant softball organizations

This bat is approved by significant softball organizations, including the USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. You can easily play in any league or competition.

It comes in a beautiful design

If you are big on aesthetics, then you should consider buying this bat. This bat comes with an elegant design, and you will stand out on the pitch when you use this product.


This bat is quite expensive

If you want a bat that is not very expensive, then you should check out other DeMarini products. This bat is made with immense value, which reflects in its price.


This bat is uniquely designed to help you showcase the best parts of your game. It comes with many unique features that make batting very easy. If you are convinced this bat will serve your purpose, we advise you to purchase it.