Rawlings Storm Youth Series Review


Do you worry that you may never find a glove perfect for your next Baseball or Softball match? Well, it is always like that until you are introduced to some exceptional brands in the sports industry, known for making outstanding accessories and equipment. Sometimes, all you’ve got to do is take a look at their collections and find out what’s worth the investment.

Softball Gloves are not difficult to come by; however, there is a higher percentage of the bad ones over the good ones. Sometimes, players run out of luck by picking the bad ones, leaving them in the worst possible scenario. On the other hand, the good ones will leave something memorable in every game. Let’s see this Rawlings Storm Youth Series review for more information.

Rawlings Storm Youth Series


Rawlings makes sports accessories for both young and old, amateurs and professionals, etc. They are quite incredible because they pay much attention to the details of their sports accessories for excellent performance. Not only that, the pieces of equipment or sports gear are built with some of the toughest materials available for top-notch durability and lifelong use.

Rawlings Storm Youth Series is one of many yet designed solely for youth or younger softball players – pitchers and infielders. It is built for excellence being a fastpitch glove; thus, you shouldn’t worry about missing flyballs. Lastly, the glove is from a trustworthy brand which means you will have an easy time on a Softball diamond as a beginner.

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Construction: Rawlings Storm Youth Series is an extraordinary glove made out of pre-oiled Leather material. This soft material ensures good durability and excellent shape retention for seamless use during practice or gameplay. The essence of the pre-oil treatment, like most Rawlings gloves, is to ensure that the break-in period is short and easy; hence, only a little work is left for players to do.

Padding: This beginner-friendly glove has a cushioned palm area and finger back linings for two significant reasons – comfort and impact resistance. This glove can get you through long hours because of its breathable and comfortable nature. Furthermore, the lightweight feel is only due to the Neo-Flex technology incorporated into it.

Pocket: The Storm Youth Series has a basket web system that forms a closed, deep pocket, making it easy for infielders and pitchers to use. Likewise, it features an easy-close design with custom-fit Velcro hand adjustments to accommodate various hand/wrist sizes.


Reliable with a fast break-in period

Suitable for beginners and younger players

Customizable and available in different sizes

Resistant to impact with good protection

Comfortable to use

Lightweight with an easy catch


Only a decent quality


Can Professionals Use this Rawlings Storm Youth Glove?

Having a glove you can always rely on when practicing or playing Softball is essential. Sometimes, the glove may provide certain benefits that most others may not; hence, you must value it. Rawlings Storm Youth Series Glove is that kind that leaves you overwhelmed because of its performance; however, it is more of a beginners’ glove than for professionals.

How Comfortable is the Storm Youth Series?

There are only a few factors you should consider when buying Softball gloves from any manufacturer. One of those factors is comfort because it is the only thing that keeps you game-ready even for longer hours. Often, Rawlings incorporates specific features such as a Pro Micro lining or cushioning in the index finger and palms to ensure ultimate comfort all day long. The Storm Youth Series Glove has this feature; hence, the comfort is exceptional.

What is the Better Alternative to the Rawlings Storm Youth Series Glove?

Rawlings has many gloves and accessories in store for Softball players of different skill categories and groups. If a recommended option isn’t for you, there will be another that will work just fine. For instance, if you don’t go for the Rawlings Storm Youth Series, there are alternatives like the Heart of the Hide, Worth Liberty Advanced Series, Shutout Series, Shut Out Softball, etc.


If there is anything to take home from this Rawlings Storm Youth Series review, it is knowing that you can be a beginner player and find something useful. This glove is the ideal choice, and going for it will mean a lot to your next gameplay.