Miken Ultra Fusion Review


Swinging bats has never always been easy because the many brands on the market today are completely unreliable and ineffective. Unfortunately, it is an important accessory to possess if you are an ardent Softball or Baseball player. Hence, the search for the most suitable bat for your needs begins.

Getting any bat doesn’t cut it if you want to win in Softball; sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to find the ultimate pick. If a bat can guarantee you speed, control, performance, and impressive technology, it is indeed the right choice for you. Let’s see more about bats in this Miken Ultra Fusion review.

Miken Ultra Fusion


If there is something you should know about Miken, the brand has existed for years in the sports industry as a leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories. There are many accessories to the name that you will find famous Softball legends with; the bat is only one out of the several many. Therefore, if you opt-in for this brand as the sole manufacturer of the equipment, you wouldn’t miss the equipment you need to win in the game of Softball.

Miken Ultra Fusion is one of their many bats packed with good technology and strength. It is a senior slowpitch bat with much better weight for decent swinging. Interestingly, it is quite popular, and its enormous sweet spot is always a sight to behold. With this Miken bat, there is no doubt that consistency is guaranteed.

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Material Construction: Miken Ultra Fusion is a one-piece 100% composite bat integrated with Z Lock Technology for 4 significant things – speed, flex, torque, and feel., Apart from the Z Lock, there is another special technology, i.e., Miken’s Z1649, that brings out the bat’s best performance, so that it makes an awesome choice for senior slowpitchers. Furthermore, this technology ensures it has unique materials and fiber angles in the multi-barrel walls making it less compressive and adding a robust sweet spot.

Barrel Length: The bat has a decent feel with a comfortable grip for easy control. It is a 14-inch barrel that makes a pop on contact with softballs.

Swing Weight: 0.5 Oz. End-Load

Warranty: None


Super-extraordinary performance

A robust sweet spot for hits consistency

Made of durable materials with 100% composite design

An ideal choice for senior slowpitch softball players

Good surface area

Low compression with pop sound on ball contact

Balanced and Lightweight

Comfortable grip

Improved flex, torque, feel, and speed

Easy control

SSUSA- and ISA-approved


No warranty

Buying Guide Questions

If you allowed yourself, you’d find answers to some questions you have about the Miken Ultra Fusion bat.

What Makes the Miken Ultra Fusion Different?

Miken Ultra Fusion is only one of the many bats made by the manufacturer; each bat has something to speak for itself when it comes to performance. However, this model is slightly different not because it is a slowpitch bat but for its enhanced torque, feel, speed, and flex. It was also designed primarily for senior slowpitches; hence, not a choice for everyone.

What is the Difference Between Ultra Fusion’s Z1649 and Z Lock Technology?

There is a built-in technology in every bat on which the ultimate performance depends; without them, a bat is just a tool with zero quality. Miken Ultra Fusion features two types of technology – Z1649 and Z Lock, that independently have their roles. The former guarantees a best in class performance while the latter enhances speed and other significant things you need from a bat.

Is Miken Ultra Fusion Truly For Everyone?

Miken Ultra Fusion seems like a good bat for everyone; sadly, it isn’t. It has a decent weight, good barrel length, and an enormous sweet spot for more consistent hits; however, that is not enough to make it an excellent choice for beginners or intermediates.


For years, Miken has contributed to making bats with superior qualities; here is another. This Miken Ultra Fusion review is a good example that even when the brand makes something for seniors, it will be outstanding. Check other models out if this isn’t the choice for you.