DeMarini Juggy OVL Review


In any sport, the objective is clear, and the competition parameters are clearly outlined. However, different players and teams achieve their goals using various skills and tactics. If you are a slowpitch softballer and play in a hitter position, your style of play might be different from other people. If you prefer to hit heavily with power, you need a bat uniquely designed to meet your strength. This Juggy OVL bat manufactured by DeMarini is one such product, and it comes with many unique features. We have reviewed those features for you in detail. Enjoy!

DeMarini Juggy OVL Review

Key Features

High-performance slowpitch softball bat

This high-performance slowpitch softball bat is uniquely designed for high performance. It is crafted to allow you to maximize your speed and distance. It is perfect for heavy hitters because it has a balanced feel that helps you power through your shots with strength.

Stacked double-wall construction

This bat uses a double-wall construction made out of 100% composite. This wall construction helps increase the barrel’s reactivity and allow for a more prominent sweet spot. This means you can make monster hits when you impact right and gain distance on your shots even when you mishit.

ZnX alloy handle

This bat is made with a ZnX alloy handle that helps to increase stiffness and durability. This uniquely designed handle reduces flexibility ad helps to improve the performance of the barrel. You can hit farther and harder with this bat.

12-inch end load barrel

This bat also comes with a 12-inch end-load barrel that allows for more weight in the barrel. This means that when you impact your ball, you hit with the full force of the bat.

Made in the USA

If you doubt this product’s quality, you would be glad to know it was manufactured in the United States. The bat is made with high-quality materials under a high-quality production process.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

This bat is durable, and it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, this bat is sure to last much longer after this period.

Designed with an RCK knob

If your bat often slips when you play, then you should use this product. This bat is designed with an RCK knob that allows for superior comfort and support. You don’t have to worry about slippage when you make big hits.


Brand name



34 inches


28 ounces


Made for power hits

This bat has been uniquely made for power hits. The bat comes with unique features that allow heavy hitters to power through their shots and gain more distance.

Built for durability

If you want a bat uniquely built to stay durable, then you should buy this product. This bat is made with high-quality materials, and it comes with a one-year warranty. However, you can be sure it will last much longer than that.

Designed for comfort

This bat is designed to allow for maximum comfort. It comes with a balanced feel that will enable you to swing and use it comfortably. The bat also comes with an RCK knob that prevents slippage.

Allows for extra forgiveness

This bat is designed with a more prominent sweet spot that allows for extra forgiveness. When you mishit, you still gain considerable on your shots.

Affordable bat

If you are looking for an affordable bat that will help you perform better, you should consider buying it. This bat comes at an affordable price.

It comes in an elegant design

If you are a fan of classic playing equipment, then you should consider buying this product. This bat comes in a classic design that everybody will love.


This bat is not allowed in major leagues

If you plan to use this bat in a competitive tournament or league, you should make sure you know which softball organization your club plays under. This bat is certified and approved for play only in ASA leagues. If you play under ISA, NSA, NCAA or others, you should check out other DeMarini products.


If you are a power hitter and are looking to improve your game, you should check out this product. This bat is made with many unique features that allow it to stand out from other bats. If you are convinced that this product will serve your needs, you should go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!