Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove Review


Wouldn’t you like it if you had the latest Softball gear? Sure, you would. Everyone wants something fantastic that would get them through the next game season without stress. However, the only problem seems to be finding the perfect brand to deliver precisely the quality and performance you desire.

For a Softball catcher, no other thing is as important as your mitt or glove. It is a consequential piece of your existence as a Softball player, and that means it must be in great form at all times. If you are on the look for a new glove that will deliver professional-grade performance due to its excellent features, this Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove review is a must-read.

Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove


Rawlings will never back down from being one of the best manufacturers of sporting equipment and accessories. For many years, this brand has been known for its outstanding bats, gloves, and many other fantastic sports needs. It has a large Softball collection, making it much easier to find out what is perfect for every player by meeting certain factors and needs.

Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove is a fastpitch glove designed solely for infielders, pitchers, and outfielders. It is solely designed for women; however, some male players often use it to improve their skills. Due to its game-ready feel and other reasons, it is highly recommended out of a long list of options.


Construction: Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove is made of a full-grain, oil-treated leather shell for more professional performance and excellent durability. This leather material is soft so that there is god shape retention and a game-ready feel. On the other hand, the oil treatment makes it much easier to break-in within a short time.

Opening: This glove has an adjustable hand opening that guarantees an improved fit and excellent control. It is quite useful in several ways, especially for fastpitch players with small hands.

Padding: Two other significant features packed into this fastpitch women’s glove are the cushioned palm and index finger pads. The purpose of these two features is to ensure good comfort and top-notch reduction of ball impact. Therefore, it is simple enough to say that it offers excellent hand protection and safety.

Laces: Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove comes with strong and durable laces to make it a perfect fit for game seasons or practice.

Size: 12 inches


Highly versatile and Durable

Great value for money

Short break-in period with oil treatment

Delivers a game-ready feel

Excellent design to reduce impact

Comfortable and custom-fit

Eliminates hand-sting

High responsiveness with superior flex

Adjustable and Flexible




Why Should You Get the Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove?

Rawlings accessories have always been one of the most looked-forward-to because of their impressive qualities and superior performance. They compete with some of the best brands in the industry; hence, you cannot expect anything less. If you consider buying a glove for great flex, excellent cushioning, and superior shape retention, the Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove is definitely a great choice.

How Responsive is the Shut Out Softball Glove?

One of the best things about the Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove is its high responsiveness. This glove is made out of full-grain leather material, making it a lot different from other types designed out of synthetic leather. Due to this material quality, you are only expected to get great flex and excellent responsiveness, and nothing less.

What is the Difference Between the Shut Out Softball Glove and the Shutout Series?

On certain occasions, players confuse the Shut Out Softball Glove with the Shutout Series. It is only possible for that to happen since both look alike in different ways. However, the difference is in usability, patterns, and quality. The former is a more decent glove for fastpitch games, while the latter is cheap with an average quality to get through softpitch game practice

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Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove review is only one out of many ways to understand how interested the brand is to different players. The glove is extraordinary, making it a good choice for quite a selectable number of people.