Rawlings – Worth Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves Review


Spending on Softball gloves is an investment you won’t ever want to regret; unfortunately, many have been left disappointed because of what is available on the market. On many occasions, most of these gloves have low or average qualities, making it seem like purchasing one is a waste of time and effort. However, you shouldn’t miss out on what to choose with a proper guide – something worth the money.

Ideally, there are different types of gloves, depending on the type of Softball game; others are based on factors like brand, design, quality, etc. If you would like a fastpitch professional-grade Softball glove, you are in the right place to get informed on what to buy. Check out this Rawlings – Worth Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves review below.

Rawlings – Worth Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves


No one ever wants to buy something only to discover they wasted money because it was not great in quality and performance – no matter how little it is. Softball is an interesting sport with different accessories and equipment in demand – that is why there are many brands interested in providing as much as they can towards the sport. Out of a long list of many, only a few will surprise you with everything you ever desire.

Rawlings is one of those original brands committed to delivering superior quality, excellent durability, and advanced features for many Softball equipment. The Worth Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves is one of its best-sellers yet due to its material quality, comfort, and ability to catch flyballs easily. It is also treated in the most traditional way possible so that break-in time is short and easy.

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Construction: Rawlings – Worth Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves is made of a Double Full-grained Tanned Leather material for strength and durability. This glove’s interior and the exterior is made of this same leather material so that the quality stays incredible all year long. It also comes with strong, superior-quality Tennessee Tanned Pro-grade laces to ensure it stays fitted and secured in a player’s hands during practice or game.

Oil Treatment: Worth Liberty Advanced Series Glove is an oil-treated glove for a much lesser break-in time. It is quite different from most Softball gloves you’ve seen; indeed, it is a soft and comfortable choice.

Padding: Comfort and impact resistance are two qualities this glove doesn’t miss out on due to the integrated Poron XRD Palm and Index finger padding in the pocket. Furthermore, it has custom fitting pull straps for easy adjustment and patterns (mostly for female players).

Size: 12.5 inches


Good comfort and quality

Durable and Strong

Short break-in

Custom-fit and secure

Easy to adjust


Only suitable for women or players with smaller hands


Who Uses the Rawlings Worth Liberty Advanced Series Glove?

There are hundreds of gloves currently on the market designed for different sets of people, even though the task or purpose remains the same – Softball. It is only left to you to discover what is right for you out of the different options you see. The Rawlings – Worth Liberty Glove, for instance, is designed for female athletes or players with smaller hands. However, it is a tough choice, and it is ideal for practise or game seasons.

Is the Rawlings Manufacturer the same as Worth? Is There Brand Confusion?

On many occasions, the Liberty Advanced Series Glove carries either the Rawlings brand or the Worth brand. There is so much confusion as to which brand owns the glove. However, the answer is: Rawlings bought Worth in 2007 and retained some of its best-selling products in which the Liberty Glove is one of them. Therefore, each brand is under one sole management.

How to Treat a Softball Glove with Oil?

The essence of oil treatment on a Softball glove is to ensure it is softer and easier to get through. Several times, players complain that they find it difficult or that it takes time for their gloves to finally break-in; however, there is a solution with an oil treatment.


Rawlings – Worth Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Glove review is an extraordinary guide to clarify why you need good gloves for your next game. If this is all you’ve ever wanted, here is a chance to get one of the best gloves on the market.