Softball fastpitch hitting drills, how to increase power


Softball is a game played by a team of players; softball is a sport that has gained prominence over the years. When talking about softball, one will find a close relative of the softball popping up in a place or two throughout the discussion; this close relative is the baseball game. Both games share the same origin, and one will find enough similarities between these two games in terms of rules and regulation guiding them, the style of play, and the equipment used in playing the game. When discussing the softball game equipment, the equipment that readily comes to mind is the softball bat; although other equipment used in the game, the softball bat seems to be the most prominent out of the lot. However, there is other noticeable equipment too. However, as this article is based on fastpitch hitting drills, the bat will take the front seat on softball equipment. As said earlier, the bat is not the only piece of equipment used in softball. Other major equipments are involved in the game too this equipment include a glove, helmet and so on. When discussing equipment of the game concerning the growth of the game, one will find out that the equipment used in this game has played a significant role in the evolution and development of the softball game, Also with appropriate regulatory bodies helping to keep a lot of things under check the softball game has been able to grow tremendously and also have a wide following.

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One crucial factor that helped increase the game’s quality by assisting the players to achieve their maximum potentials is the training; many training drills have been incorporated into the game. It helps softball players reach their full potential. Collating all these things together, the equipment, rules, regulation, and adequate training helped boost the game’s quality, allowing softball to be part of the most-watched sport worldwide. This article’s central theme is softball fastpitch hitting drills and how to increase your hitting power as a player. This drill is one of the many exercises, and training players have to go through and master in other for them to attain the apex position in the game. Achieving something like this is never a comfortable fit. One will train and train in others to master these drills; all this combined will make a softball player go from just a softball player to a professional softball player. As a softball player looking to increase your skills and performance on the pitch, you will find this article very interesting and essential to your journey. The article is based o softball fastpitch hitting drills; these drills will be listed and highlighted below for a further and better understanding of our readers, be it coaches, players, or fans interested in knowing how the game works. The following are softball fastpitch hitting drills

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Softball fastpitch hitting drills, how to increase power

This segment is dedicated to the fastpitch hitting drills and how to increase power; the drills are listed below

Interlocking throw drills

This drill will increase your power as a softball player; this drill’s essence is to help the player build a memory path to the ball through training. This drill is excellent for softball hitters that are trying to get more power behind their hit. The vital thing to note about this drill is the contact path, top hand to drive through the ball through the zone, and swing through the zone.

Half turn drills

This drill is important because it is essential in unlocking the lower half, and it also helps with power boost; that is, it helps increase your hitting power as a softball player. When trying out the half turn drill, positioning is essential with the hips and the legs to hit the ball. To achieve a perfect form for this drill as a hitter, the barrel of your bat is to be pinned against the back of your leg while the knob of the bat is against the shoulder. This positioning helps prevent flying open; this half-turn drill should align the body towards the contact point with the ball.

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Full turn drills

The full turn drill is another drill that enables you to hit with maximum power; your hip as a hitter plays an essential role in this position, and drill as the hip rotation will help you develop the power to hit the ball. In this drill, the hitter’s body will be parallel to the pitcher; as said earlier, the hip rotation is essential to gain more power for a hitter; moving the hips and torso in this drill will help build the muscle memory in rotation to and through the ball.

Paint stick drill

The paint stick drill is a compact and more powerful hitting stance that enables the hitter to get maximum power behind their hit. This drill focuses on developing power for the hitter, for this drill the hitter will need paint sticks to work with, getting the hitter into normal stance is important, as the stance helps control and transfer weight from the back to the front side.

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Crossover drill

The crossover drill is focused on maintaining good posture through the contact point, with hip rotation and weight transfer. Looking at this drill, one will see a combination of all other drill techniques listed above. The elements involved in this drill will force the hitter to maintain a K posture; this drill helps a hitter to generate power from the lower half of their body and harness that power with their bat path. This drill is a great way to practice your hitting to generate more power behind the hits.


The drills listed and highlighted above are great ways of increasing power behind the hit of a hitter; however, as a hitter, you should notice the emphasis laid on good posture and positioning to generate more power and also to harness that power with the bat path to get the maximum capacity possible behind a hit.