Miken Izzy Psycho SuperMax Review

Overview When choosing accessories and pieces of equipment for sports, you don’t always have to make the wrong choices. There are several brands on the market that you can go for, but there are only a few special ones with your interest at heart. It would be best if you considered these brands so that … Read more

Miken Heavy Metal Review

Introduction The 2019 Miken Heavy Metal Slow-pitch Softball Bat is an incredible bat. This one is part of the recent and curiously limited recognised prototypes of the Miken brand. For this version, they agreed to cobble together all of the decent characteristics of their prior bats. In a limited word, don’t let its absence of … Read more

Miken Freak X Review

Overview Staying ahead of the competition has always been the mantra for many outdoor sports like Football, Baseball, and Softball. In a game that involves different teams competing to win, there are several things needed to achieve that – besides being skillful and consistently practicing to be a better player, your choice of equipment or … Read more

Miken Freak Primo Review

Overview Having a great bat is everything you need for exceptional performance on a Baseball pitch or a Softball diamond. Don’t get it wrong – you need other equipment and accessories, but none beats that of a bat. For instance, you have to consider factors like vibration, appearance, speed, control, barrel loading, etc., to settle … Read more

Miken Freak Maxload Review

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Miken Freak Black USSSA Review

Overview Baseball or Softball could never have got better without the right sets of equipment for a game. As usual, the softball is one of the most important accessories to get started with the game; the following is the glove which could either be slowpitched or fastpitched. Finally, the bat is a substantial piece that … Read more

Miken Freak Patriot Review

Introduction This Freak Patriot shows off the masterwork stabilized swing weight feel with a vast sweet spot. Now conjoined with the recent S3R Technology, this strong stick develops an even longer hold for crazy hitting distances. Miken also integrates the Triple Matrix Core, which is the technique of boosting aerospace grade substance volume by 5%. Boosting that … Read more

How to Throw a Drop Ball in Softball?

Introduction Softball expects you to be great at a few things; one of them is throwing a drop ball. It is the basic and the most important skill to learn as a Softball player. It involves pitching directly towards a pitcher until the ball changes course downwards, quickly, facing the ground. A good drop ball … Read more

How to Slide in Softball

Introduction Sliding is one of the impressive tricks of softball that not only seems great, but is furthermore a valuable technical skill to master. While sliding may appear susceptible, it’s really a skill that expects adequate procedure, timing, and discipline. Besides, there are only specific moments when sliding is essential and it’s hardly ever because … Read more

How to Relace a Softball Glove?

Introduction There is no Softball or Baseball player without gloves. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fastpitch or a slowpitch player; you always need gloves for catches. It is another case entirely discovering what type of glove is suitable for you, as it mostly depends on your skill levels. However, in this case, what … Read more

How to Clean White Softball Pants

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DeMarini Nihilist Review

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DeMarini Newbreed Review

Introduction The best way to train a young athlete is to play with equipment designed with unique features for senior players. If you have a young budding fastpitch softballer in your care, you should purchase playing equipment designed for game improvement. This Newbreed bat manufactured by DeMarini is one of such products. The bat comes … Read more

DeMarini Nautalai Balance Review

Introduction As an athlete, you would have realized that it is difficult to have every aspect of your game on lock. If you are a soccer player, you might be good at dribbling but terrible at scoring goals. The same thing applies to every sport, including softball. If you are a softballer playing in a … Read more

DeMarini Mercy Review

Introduction If you check out most sport equipment manufacturers’ catalogue, most of their items cater for beginners and intermediaries. This is because most professional players are sponsored, and they don’t need to buy equipment often, if at all. However, suppose you play slowpitch softball at a professional level, and you are looking to buy a … Read more

DeMarini M2M Review

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DeMarini Juggy OVL Review

Introduction In any sport, the objective is clear, and the competition parameters are clearly outlined. However, different players and teams achieve their goals using various skills and tactics. If you are a slowpitch softballer and play in a hitter position, your style of play might be different from other people. If you prefer to hit … Read more

DeMarini Juggy DB44 Review

Introduction Most athletes (and people) tend to believe that products endorsed by successful athletes in that sport will help them perform better when they play. For instance, Nike associates most of its sportswear with successful players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and other top athletes. In softball, DeMarini has manufactured the Dale Brungardt … Read more

College Softball Base Distance

Introduction Softball is one fantastic sport that has left many people interested in it – men and women, kids and adults. The game isn’t played only at local and international stages; sometimes, you will find it in high schools and colleges. Being one of the safest sports, it is quite a great deal, and everyone … Read more

Anderson Rocketech Review

Overview The 2019 Anderson Rocketech bat is without a certainly among the most excellent bats in the industry right now. This is the perfect fast-pitch softball bat to buy, with its superior manufacturing technology, innovative structure, incredible pop, and huge barrel. The bat has the ideal duration enabling users to enjoy excellent bat balance, excellent … Read more