Worth Watermelon Review


If you are a competitive player, the chances are that you want a sports gear or accessory that is far better than the usual. Everyone else could go for a particular brand because it offers good performance; however, you seek the best performance on your end. Athletes like this are ready to sacrifice all they’ve got to make sure they get the best equipment for an incredible game practice or play experience.

Many softball batters belong to this category of people because the competition in the sport is high. Everyone wants to become a star player; hence, they go all out to make sure they get the best bats in the industry. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive; as long as it suits their skills and does precisely what is necessary, there is no problem.

Worth Watermelon


Worth describes itself as one of those lovable brands with so much interest in manufacturing reliable and effective manufacturing products. The gloves, bats, and cleats are some of the best sports gears yet; the amount of work put into construction expresses how incredible they will be on a softball diamond. All you’ve just got to do is check through the collection of sporting items and pick what best suits you.

Worth Watermelon is a special slowpitch softball bat designed for competitive players. It is a designated choice for hitting rockets and making pops because of the end-loaded feel. It is also reliable if you need to practice new swing techniques to make monster hits faster and better.

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Material Construction: Worth Watermelon is a two-piece bat crafted out of the standard composite carbon fiber material. This material is responsible for a 13.5-inch barrel that offers ultimate reactivity and excellent durability during any game season. Besides, it is ideal for all leagues, including USSSA, ISA, NSA, and other associations with the 1.20 BPF standard.

Design: This slowpitch bat features a 220+ Advantage technology that maximizes its sweet spot over 360 degrees, ensuring there are no dead spots. It would even surprise many that its best attribute is that giant sweet spot for making monster hits with pops. Additionally, it incorporates a Flex 50 technology into its design so that the handle is as comfortable as ever. This handle also forms an unmatched whip with a smooth feel around the zone for utmost performance.

Swing Weight: XL Reload O.5 Oz. End Load

Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch

Warranty: 1-Year


Delivers the ultimate power and speed

Creates an unparalleled whip and delivers a smooth feel

Consistent and responsive

Packed with great durability and comfort

Offers a superior whiplash effect

Gigantic sweet spot


Only suitable for slowpitch games


What is the Worth Watermelon’s Bat Best Feature?

If you are new to using bats, almost every bat looks good to you; however, after testing them, you will discover the good and the bad. Worth Watermelon is one of the best options, following its variety of incredible features. One of its best so far is the proprietary 220+ Advantage Technology that extends the sweet spot, making it one of the gigantic bats in the industry with no dead spots.

How Impressive is this Bat to Competitive Players?

The designing, engineering, and manufacturing of this bat took place in the United States, thus, describing how impressive the materials are. However, the most impressive quality of this Worth bat is its barrel design. This barrel made of CF100 100% Carbon fiber material guarantees durability and responsiveness. It is integrated further with Flex 50 technology to enhance a more controlled feel and a superior whiplash effect.

Why Go for this Bat Instead of the Legit Series?

Worth has a long list of slowpitch and fastpitch bats suitable for different occasions. The Legit Series consists of mostly slowpitch bats designed for beginners interested in learning about control and hitting performance. On the other hand, the Worth Watermelon bat is ideal for competitive power hitters that can test their new skills anytime without being compromised.


Not many are privileged to find a Worth Watermelon review like this that describes everything you need to know about the bat before buying one. If this bat is indeed the best choice for you, don’t waste time checking out another – go for it!