Marucci Elite Review

Introduction All athletes know they can trust a product if that particular product has been endorsed by a recognized professional in that sport. We have repeated it a lot on this platform, and we would say again that the Air Jordans by Nike had a lot of success on the market because it was directly … Read more

Marucci Softball Glove Review

Introduction If you have been playing a sport for a certain time, your eye is trained to identify quality products from substandard ones. This is because all athletes need to use the high-quality product if they are going to perform to their full ability on the pitch. Suppose you are a fastpitch softballer and you … Read more

Rawlings Shutout Series Review

Overview If you can get certain things you need, you shouldn’t hesitate to cease it. Sometimes, what you’ve found may not be available another day, and that could mean waiting extra days or weeks or months. This logic applies to almost everything that concerns our daily lives – even in sports. As a sportsperson, your … Read more

David Ortiz Batting Gloves Review

Introduction If you are a softballer and you happen to play in a hitter position, you would need special gloves to perform well on the field. These gloves are known as batting gloves, and they allow you to hold and swing your bat effectively. If you use low-quality batting gloves, you automatically produce low-quality shots … Read more

Miken DC41 Review

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DeMarini Paradox Review

Introduction If you are a professional athlete, you probably don’t have to worry about jerseys or playing equipment because your club has it covered. However, if you engage in a game for fun, you would have to get your playing equipment, and you will perform better if you buy high-quality equipment. Softballers that play in … Read more

Miken Freak 23 ASA Review

Introduction One way of knowing if your product is high-quality is if top rated athletes endorse it. Another way to confirm this is if the product is manufactured with special sophisticated technologies that allow you to perform to your full ability on the pitch and record better results. If you are in the market for … Read more

Mizuno Craze Review

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How to break in a softball glove? Does steaming work?

Introduction Softball gloves are large than baseball gloves because softball is large than baseball. Softball gloves differ for different positions. Softball gloves include catchers’ mitt, first baseman mitt, pitcher gloves, infield glove, and outfield glove. Catchers use catchers’ mitt while first base players use first baseman mitt. Second base, third base, and shortstop players use … Read more

Worth Legit Resmondo Review

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Worth Legit Extreme XL Review

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Under Armour High Impact Sports Bra Review

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Miken Envious Review

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Worth Legit Dedonatis Review

Description The proudest thing so far in Softball is the emergence of great brands committed to developing and improving the sport. Unlike several other sports or field events, Softball has recorded over 50 brands with products having incredible qualities and performances. Therefore, you may never go wrong with the gears you see around; however, you … Read more


Overview On different occasions, people have had to spend on a tool that wasn’t good for them – just because it is cheap and fancy doesn’t mean it is effective. When it comes to sports, extra effort has to be made so that you get something worth the money. It goes beyond finding out the … Read more

Rawlings Shut Out Softball Glove Review

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Combat Avarice Review

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DeMarini Nihilist Review

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Mizuno 9 Spike Swift 3 Switch

Introduction The Mizuno 9 Spike Swift 3 Switch is originally made for girls who carry their fastpitch softball greatly. It’s manufactured for utmost performance and convenience, but at least that’s how they’re presumed to operate. The 9-Spike Swift women’s softball cleat ensures significant performance on the diamond. It captions an assortment of Wave and VS-1 cushioning technologies … Read more

Sierra Romero Glove Review

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